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About us

Deneb is a start-up dedicated to developing disruptive medical solutions. We are currently working on a laser based surgery system that we envisage will change the paradigm of surgery. Our development process is heavily supported on collaborations with world class research and technology centers that work in coordination with our very much talented team. As part of our growth strategy we are happy to hear from very talented and passionate individuals in the fields of optics, photonics, laser technology, medicine and software technology, as well as experts in marketing, business models and other areas.

Our Mission

"Create and develop non-invasive surgery and make it universally accessible"

To reach our mission we will reduce the entry barriers to the medical industry in order to accelerate innovation. And we will begin our journey with the development of disruptive laser solutions.

Our Values

  • We enjoy working in the limits of knowledge.

  • We are attracted by diverse, varied and original ideas and that is why we work so strongly in building an international and multidisciplinary team.

  • Diversity is good and necessary.

  • Foreigners are not foreign in Deneb and that is why English is the official language here.

  • We strongly leverage on external talent and innovation.

  • We seek innovation not only in our products and services but also in our business model.

  • We understand work as a way towards self-fulfillment rather than as an obligation.